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Since 1997

Gabinete de TV em madeira

Wood panels

We sell a wide range of wood-based panels, including Agglomerates, MDF's, Plywood, OSB, among others.
We offer solutions for the most different purposes. From decorative panels to all types of interior design applications:

–  Technical panels, designed and produced for applications in buildings or wet and outdoor areas, with reinforced resistance and qualities adapted to different conditions;

–  Decorative panels for all types of applications in interior design.


Floating floor

As the name implies, floating flooring refers to all types of flooring that are not directly fixed to the ground, where the pieces fit together and are installed over a certain blanket. 

It consists of a high density layer and a highly resistant and stable decorative surface, and a variety of materials can be used, from laminated ranges and patterns, wood imitations and vinyl flooring. Being a final solution, with exact measurements and pre
defined, thus being ready to be applied, making its installation faster and easier.


Hardwood Floor and Deck 

In addition to laminated patterns, we sell solid wood floors, thus offering a nobler and more elegant solution. Flooring is a product that has enhanced stability, durability and strength compared to other types of flooring.

It should also be noted that, since it is a natural product, the veins, textures, colors, aromas, and details gain another dimension with natural wood. For uncovered areas, we also offer Deck flooring, providing and enriching outdoor environments, gardens, walkways, terraces and balconies with the refinement of solid wood.

Solid Wood

JMR sells a diversified set of wood species, national and exotic, from the most diverse parts of the planet, offering solutions from Africa, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Always aware of its responsibility as a wood distributor, only that which comes from sustainable forests is sold.

Wood is unquestionably a noble natural product, which, depending on the species, comes in different patterns and shades, and can be presented in logs, planks or rulers.



Contamos também com uma ampla gama de acessórios e componentes que adjuvam a aplicação e o manuseio de todo e qualquer tipo de madeira.

Desde orlas em madeira natural e em pvc, essenciais para rematar qualquer móvel de forma sublime e discreta; perfis, em mdf e vinil, para finalizar e se fundir com o pavimento; telas com e sem plástico para complementar a aplicação de pavimento; colas, entre outros.

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